Tusoder: Real Estate Investors Should Pay Attention


The President of the Commission on Consumer Problems (TÜSODER) Hatice Kolçak explained that the prices of land and houses are increasing at a serious rate when there is nothing more to say about big projects.

Kolcak voiced the fact that whispering journal” worked before the project started and that people actually thought “how soon you can get a land or house if you take the land early”, Hatice Kolcak emphasized that big investors work professionally in this situation.

“Small investors in such cases are usually big wins through with a dream of sensations, from the research, someone’s orientation is not attempting to invest with and he makes mistakes.

Opportunists, they can fall prey to fraudsters. Istanbul itineraries are currently spoken on various channel. Canakkale bridge as well was discussed.”

”In such cases revenue from large projects for the small investor to create or to be made with possibility to make the dream turns out to opportunists who are trying to benefit from. We must be vigilant against them”

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