Reasons to Choose Germany
Germany is Europe’s largest market, a global leader in innovation – and much more! Check out why Germany is the right choice for you.

1-Leading Economy

Germany is Europe’s economic engine. Investors profit from the economic performance of the world’s fourth largest economy. We also offer a large domestic market and easy access to growing markets in the enlarged European Union.

2 – Global Player

Germany is the world’s number three exporter, neck and neck with China and the US after six years at the top spot. And with EUR 469 billion FDI, we also proved to be an investment magnet and one of the top regions for foreign investors.

3 – High Productivity

One of the highest productivity rates in the world, German quality, and steadily decreasing unit labor costs are the decisive factors for our competitiveness. A series of social and market reforms have further contributed to Germany’s continued economic growth to make it one of Europe’s most cost-effective production locations.

4 – Excellent Workforce

Our world class education system ensures the highest standards. 81 percent of the German population have been trained to university entrance level or possess a recognized vocational qualification – above the OECD average of 67 percent. An investor friendly social-market economy promotes stable labor relations.

5 – Innovative Power

Germany is Europe’s № 1 location for research. German R&D is backed by billions of euros in annual federal funds, helping to make Germany the world’s leader in innovation. It’s this commitment which also makes us Europe’s leading patent applicant and the leading global force in high-tech solutions.

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