Cheapest homes in istanbul


As it is known İstanbul is a very big and developed city in Turkey. It is very attractive because of its history and of course its beauty. For most of the people living in İstanbul is like a nightmare but they also cannot left this city behind. The positive things preclude negativities.

There are several place in İstanbul that are thought as expensive but in real they are cheaper then they taught. The prices of the houses change according to location of the houses and how far they are situated to the popular destinations.

For example Maltepe, it is situated in the entrance of İstanbul and is really far to the other places when we took the traffic jams into consideration. Nowadays, it is really easy to reach Kadikoy or Üsküdar from Maltepe thanks to the metro line. Because of the advanced situation in public transportation people can rent a house in Maltepe with a cheap price and enjoy their life.

The Transportation Projects Should Be Followed

As we mentioned about it before there are many places in İstanbul which are far from the city center but really developed in terms of transportation.

People prefer these places because they do not face any problem in terms of renting which is really cheap when compared with other places and also the transportation is well developed.

If people want to stay as cheap as possible they have to follow the transportation project before the project is established. If the transportation system has already been established this means that the prices in this area will augment highly.

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