Booming economy – Over USD 800billion GDP, annual real GDP growth projections in excess of 5%, 17th largest economy in the world (expected to be 14th by 2017) with heavy exports reaching USD168 billion makes Turkey the ideal country to invest in real estate.

High and dynamic population – Turkey has a high population of about 76 million with over 60% comprising the young generation. The younger generation are better placed to set up businesses and support the expansion of Turkish economy.  In addition, changing customs and traditions in the country mean that younger people are leaving parental homes earlier and setting up on their own. This increases the need for quality accommodation and housing. Turkish central real estate association has estimated that there is a shortfall of around 2.5 million properties in Turkey.

Low taxes and incentives – Any investor would want to invest in a country that offers incentives in various sectors. Turkey offers incentives on various areas while has reduced corporate tax from 33% to 20%.



Large Domestic market – Turkey has a very big market locally because of the high and learned population. Tourist arrivals reached 30 million in 2015. This creates an ideal investment opportunity for real estate developers.

Good infrastructure – well developed air, land and sea transport, advanced energy sector and highly developed technological infrastructure in transportation and communication puts Turkey well ahead of other emerging as the place to invest safely and profitably.


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