Which Countries Givin Investor Visas


Investor visas are classes of visas that are reserved for foreign entrepreneurs and investors who will be coming to the country in order to establish a business in that country or to invest into one of the country’s industries. Some types of investor visas actually lead to permanent residence and eventual citizenship in the country, provided that the investor complies with all necessary requirements of that country’s laws.

The rules and regulations for obtaining and holding an investor visa vary greatly from country to country. It is very important to know the country’s applicable laws in order to maximize the possibility of receiving an investor visa.

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Singapure
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. Belgium
  6. Finland
  7. Hungary
  8. Uk
  9. Switzerland
  10. Dubai
  11. Uae
  12. Canada
  13. Usa

Nearly all investment visa programs have established some threshold for an acceptable investment amount. While this amount can vary greatly – from $3,000,000USD to $500,000USD – the end result is the same: the required amount must be met in order for the foreign national to receive the investor visa.


The investment must be sustained, which means that the foreign national cannot simply invest the funds, receive the visa, and immediately withdraw the funds or liquidate the investment. Rather, the foreign national must keep the funds in the investment, usually for a specific number of years, and the failure to do so could lead to the country revoking the foreign national’s visa or preventing the national from renewing or extending the visa.


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