There are many various areas to live in Dubai, suitable for all different preferences and budgets. You are advised to choose an area close to your workplace to avoid rush hour traffic. Eventually, the new residents learn how to organize their time and routes to avoid harsh traffic jams.

How to move around the city
Public transportation

Public transport is not only popular, affordable, clean but also has available free wifi! Public transport includes:

Dubai Metro: the metro system is very reliable and has state of the art facilities. You could even get a chance to bump into Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Ruler of Dubai.

Dubai Buses: the bus system is equally reliable however the routes change as the new metro stops become operational. Each bus station is covered and air-conditioned!

Dubai Taxis: taxis are directly available upon your arrival at any Dubai Airport, and almost everywhere in Dubai. You can also call the corresponding companies to book your cab in advance. As a new-comer from Europe, you might be positively surprised with how taxi fares remain much cheaper than in most European cities.

Dubai water taxis: You can hire the private water taxi from any of the 25+ marine stations located around Dubai, including prime tourist locations like Dubai Festival City, Creek Park, Jumeirah beach, Dubai Marina, Atlantis, Mina Siyahi, etc. The water taxi fares varie based on the distance traveled.


There are two main telecommunications providers in the UAE, Etisalat, and Du, and both offer a wide network of coverage. Additionally, they provide internet, TV and satellite services that can easily be found on their websites.


Most expats relocate to Dubai looking for better job opportunities, however, the city also offers a better and more interesting lifestyle. Dubai is home for more than 200 nationalities, all sharing an ever-growing city. This gives people a chance to explore different backgrounds, participate in various activities and experience what it’s like to live in a real cultural melting pot.


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