At the end of the spring and early summer, some houses in the United States have been listed for sale.The current real estate trading market is active, so many villagers whom heart.

When you choose for their own rental or buy a house and feel tangled occasion, may wish to take a look at the recommendations of experts. Jean Chatzky is a personal finance expert and senior editor of The Personal Finance website “The Balance”. The following is her experience sharing.

When you plan to live in a place for at least a few years, when you look at the cost of calculus, you put the money into the house is justified.

Buy a house, not just pay a home loan. You have to remember that there are other costs, including maintenance costs, which can be spent 1% to 2% per year in addition to the purchase of ownership of the house. Need to pay taxes to pay housing insurance. If your house has a lawn, you need to take care of the lawn. If you have a lane, winter needs snow. Something may be something you will not expect.


On the other hand, if you look at the appreciation of most real estate markets, house prices are expected to continue to rise, slightly higher than the inflation rate, which is good. It will not become a killer investment, it is a way to add capital preservation.

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If you expect you to live in a place for a long time, you want to build a supplementary savings account and repay the mortgage is a very good way. When you decide to move, you can get a sum and then invest in another property.

The above advice applies only to those who want to own a real estate. You want to buy that place, turn it into your property, take root, as the owner of the house, have a real estate with a rent a house feel different.

So, if your life is at this stage, you should buy a house.


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