The companies at the Us allows anyone to invest as little as $1,000 in real estate projects listed on the site, and processes roughly $36 million of investments each month.

Now, it’s putting the data from all that funding to work by ranking the areas of the country that are seeing the most attention from real-estate investors.

Not surprisingly, many of the hotspots are in major metropolitan areas like New York City or Philadelphia, but there are some outliers, too, Sharestates founder and CEO Allen Shayanfekr told Business Insider.

“I was surprised to see Kissimmee, Florida to be included in the top 10,” he said in an email. “I expected to see almost all of the investment potential in markets in the upper east coast, based on the rapid growth that area continues to see year over year.”

Return on Investment (ROI): The rate of return to Sharestates loan investors.

ARV: The ratio of the total loan amount, including acquisition and rehab financing, compared with the After Repair Value.

5. Kissimmee, Florida
  • ROI: 12%
  • ARV: 65%
  • Increase in demand: 100%
4. West Babylon, New York
  • ROI: 10%
  • ARV: 60%
  • Increase in demand: 125%
3. Sparrows Point, Maryland
  • ROI: 11.8%
  • ARV: 50%
  • Increase in demand: 200%


2.Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York
  • ROI: 10%
  • ARV: 28%
  • Increase in demand: 400%
1. Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • ROI: 11.8%
  • ARV: 14%
  • Increase in demand: 650%


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