Spain’s Immigrant Investor Program

In the later months of 2013, the Spanish government finally passed its long anticipated residency visa that is reserved for foreign nationals who are investing into the country by purchasing Spanish real property.

The visa, called the Spanish Gold Visa or the Spanish Entrepreneur visa, will be granted to foreign investors who spend a minimum of 500,000 Euros on the purchase of a residential real estate or a portfolio of properties. While the investment can be used to purchase property located anywhere in Spain, the six most popular areas are Barcelona, Costa Blanca, Madrid, the Balearic Islands, Costa del Sol, and Murcia.

Available Barcelona properties include villas and apartments. While the prices for these properties tend to be greater than those in other locations, Barcelona remains a popular choice due to its close proximity to all major European cities (which are within an hour or two hours flight).

Costa Blanca is a scenic and picturesque area of Spain that boasts the country’s best international schools which are conducted in the British curriculum. Moreover, Costa Blanca is equidistant from the Alicante and Valencia airports, with nearby ferry connections to the Majorca and Ibiza islands.

As the capital of Spain, it hardly needs to be stated that Madrid offers ideal opportunities for property purchase and investment foreign nationals. The rich culture of Madrid entices hundreds of thousands of travelers a year and provides a fantastic base for further European travel, especially considering that the Spain Golden Visa does not require the investor to reside in the nation.

The Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Ibiza are located off the eastern coast of Spain in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca, the largest island, is an increasingly popular tourist destination in the summer months, drawing crowds of hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The Balearic Islands and Mallorca and Ibiza in particular have long been tourist destinations, owing in no small part to the 18 golf courses, numerous beaches, and popular nightlife on the islands. Investors choosing to purchase property in the Balearic Islands would likely take the time to enjoy all of the activities the region has to offer.

The Costa del Sol region is also a popular destination for tourists and foreign nationals seeking a second European residence. It has miles of beautiful beaches, popular shopping plazas and more than 70 golf courses. This area, which functions as a vacation hotspot all year long, also is a perfect destination for a family as the Costa de Sol area maintains international schools that offer international baccalaureate programs or UK accreditation which prepares students for entrance and admission into UK and international universities.


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