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Real estate and Turkish Citizenship


In addition to being an investment destination, Turkish residency is rather simple to obtain and will allow you to obtain citizenship five years later, subject to living in the country for that period of time, learning the Turkish language, and having “taken actions showing you intend on settling in Turkey”.

Owning Turkish real estate is certainly helpful in proving that last one, making real estate in Turkey both an effective investment and citizenship plan.

A Turkish passport allows visa-free travel to 100 different countries, including practically all of Latin America. While you’d still need a visa to enter the European Union, there’s talks about changing this. Five years from now, it’s very likely that a visa will no longer be needed.

Turkey also taxes its citizens based on residency, not citizenship. Unlike the United States and several other countries to a varying extent, the Turkish tax authorities don’t want their cut if you’re not living in the country and taking advantage of its infrastructure and services.

Foreign property, in general, allows a great amount of benefits from wealth preservation, to extra income, to being a gateway to residency and citizenship.

Those willing to invest globally have global options, and there are a lot of countries to buy property in – many of which are likely more profitable than wherever you’re from.


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