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One Za’abeel reaches pivotal sliding phase of ‘The Link’, the World’s Largest Cantilever


Ithra Dubai, a developer of community-oriented real estate projects fully owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, has announced the start of the first sliding phase of the world’s largest cantilever or ‘The Link’, on its landmark One Za’abeel development.

The commencement of the sliding works recently took place on September 12, 2019 in the presence of Issam Galadari, CEO and board member of Ithra Dubai, as well as members from the development and construction teams. One Za’abeel is an iconic, high-rise, mixed-use luxury development currently under construction in the heart of the city, standing at the gateway of old and new Dubai. Designed as a destination in its own right that will draw visitors from the emirate and beyond, the development has now reached a new milestone with the launch of the sliding phase of the world’s largest cantilevered structure.

Suspended over 100 meters above ground level and measuring 210 metres in length, The Link is a panoramic sky concourse that connects the two towers of One Za’abeel. The timeless structure will house a choice of attractions including Michelin starred restaurants, observation decks, and an infinity pool as well as an immersive experience that is now in its final design stages.

Ithra Dubai and its construction partners are building The Link in sections and have carried out a sliding operation to move it into place, spanning the Happiness Bridge and linking the two towers, before it is lifted into its final position 100 metres in the air.

On the sliding of The Link, Galadari said: “We are excited to have reached this critical stage on One Za’abeel’s construction. The Link is an incredible feat of engineering that showcases Dubai’s ingenuity and commitment to creating groundbreaking developments. As the world’s largest cantilever, The Link will provide breathtaking 360 degree views of the city, in addition to the project’s prime location for residences, office space and leisure. The sliding phase of The Link is an incredible achievement that demonstrates Ithra Dubai’s talent and ability to overcome engineering challenges.”

Assembly of The Link’s main structure is an impressive engineering exploit: the bridge is constructed of seven steel modules – named Assembly A through G – that are slid into place before they are lifted to their final position on the building. After connecting the first assembly to a temporary launching nose, The Link will then slide from Tower A towards Tower B. Ithra Dubai appointed a sliding and lifting specialist that used heavy-duty strand jacks capable of generating a pulling force of up to 220 tons per jack to slide both Segment A and the launching nose thirty meters along the temporary platform to the edge of the podium. This has created space to assemble the next segment. At 1,742 metric tons and 51 meters in length, Assembly A is the heaviest individual node to be erected. This latest stage in the building’s construction followed the assembly of a temporary launching nose on top of the retail podium level four in Tower A of One Za’abeel.


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