More than €150 million invested to revitalise Torremolinos, now its a true investment heaven for foreign investors.

HOTELS in Torremolinos have been boosted by major development plans as the resort bids to become Malaga’s number one holiday destination.

More than €150 million has been invested in the sector under council plans to revitalise the resort and make it the coast’s crowning glory once again.

It comes as various hotel chain representatives met and presented refurbishment projects, including improving the Hotel Melia Costa del Sol and the Hotel Don Paquito.
In addition to the reforms, Torremolinos has also seen an abundance of new hotels in recent years.
These range from the Luxury Boutique Hotel, focusing on Muslim-friendly tourism, to the
Ritual Hotel, which is the first hotel in Torremolinos to specifically target gay men.


José Ortiz, mayor of Torremolinos, said of the meeting: “Today has reflected the commitment of the hoteliers of our town and now we can compete in a high-level market, which is something we could not do previously.

“Torremolinos is transforming and it needed this remodeling so that we can recover some of the ground lost to other competitors.”
Torremolinos is one of the top European destinations for honeymoons, and these developments represent efforts to become the most popular tourist destination on the Costa del Sol.

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