With your Bulgarian passport secured, it is important to get the full benefits of what the EU nationality can offer. With the extremely low income tax in Bulgaria, you will basically get the best of both worlds. With corporate and personal income tax rates in Bulgaria being only 10% (the absolutely lowest in EU), you can opt to give another boost to your new life once you get hold of your Bulgarian passport. The choice is obviously yours – you can continue paying taxes as before, but you can also opt to switch your tax burden to Bulgaria. This choice can be essential. You can save a fortune by careful tax planning, combined with your Bulgarian citizenship.

  • Pay the lowest tax in EU;
  • Own the best land plots in EU;
  • EU rights for your family.

Owning land in EU is not available to everybody. If you are non EU citizen, in general, you will be not able to buy land in the most lucrative areas of the European Union. However, as Bulgarian national, you have full access to the best investment opportunities the EU has to offer. Whether a nice vineyard in Italy or France, a field of wheat crop in Bulgaria or century old forest in Luxembourg – you will have the choice to buy the best of the best.

Political stability in the country of your citizenship, as well as peace of mind when travelling, are also very important issues. Although a full fledged NATO member, Bulgaria usually stays at the sideline and doesn’t make enemies in any international conflicts. Bulgarian citizens, unlike the nationals of big countries like USA, Germany, UK, France, etc. are far less exposed to hostility or acts of aggression when they travel abroad.

Probably the most important advantage is that, as Bulgarian citizen, you will be able to apply for EU “status” for your family members. You can read more about the conditions of the Bulgarian Citizenship Investment Program in the following section below.


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