Islamic Mortgage Step from Turkey Asset Fund


Turkey Asset Fund Chairman Mehmet Bostan has told reporters at a meeting the following explanations:

Turkey Asset Fund signed framework agreement on Islamic mortgage development with ICD, a subsidiary of Islamic Development Bank.


Within the framework of the agreement, long-term interest-free loans are planned to be set up for those who want to set up a mortgage company to be a homeowner, with derivative instruments. Different collaborations with the Islamic Development Bank will come on the agenda. There is also a lot of interest on the EBRD side.

One of the areas we are working in is financial technology. We have a joint payment platform and mobile banking. We can build a company or make a purchase. We seek to invest in leading industries such as technology, telecom and energy fields that will create value in the future.

Canal Istanbul‘s financing is under the direction of the government. Of course we will do it if instructed, but there is no offer for us.

  • We receive important invitations from country funds. We have further negotiations with the two countries’ fund after a memorandum of understanding signed with Russian RDIF.
  • We did not have any market-related activity as the fund (related to the severe upsurge in the recently).

  • The fund’s public offering is theoretically possible but there is still time.
  • When we look at country funds in the world, we are looking more at Asian examples. Singapore example is very similar in terms of what we want to do.



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