Investment-Based Lithuanian Visa


The nation of Lithuania is located off the Baltic Sea shore and is bordered by Poland, Belarus, and Latvia. As the largest of the three Baltic States, Lithuania has garnered much international attention in the past decade as its reputation for beautiful scenery and a friendly population is gaining traction in international circles. The country boasts a year round temperate climate, exceptional museums, numerous cultural festivals that take place at all times of the year, exquisite concert halls, unique cuisine, lovely art galleries, and several other tourist attractions that have made Lithuania a popular locale for millions of tourists each year.

Along with the country’s visitors for pleasure, foreign investors are also coming to Lithuania to take advantage of the nation’s economic offerings. Currently, Lithuania’s booming industry is biotechnology and as this sector grows, foreign investors are highly interested in relocating to Lithuania and investing in the country’s rising financial success.

Lithuania’s Investor Visa

In order to attract even more foreign investment, Lithuania has created a small business visa for foreign entrepreneurs to utilize in order to establish a business in the country. To help maximize the foreign national’s chance of receiving a business visa, the foreign national should have a high personal net wealth, business experience, and a clear business plan or proposal for the new commercial enterprise that will be established in Lithuania. Additionally, firm English language skills and exceptional academic and professional credentials can also help a foreign investor obtain the visa.

It is important to highlight that the foreign investor will need to abide by the Lithuanian immigration and business laws, and possibly the country’s tax laws as well, in addition to the same laws of the investor’s home country.

Because the investor will need to abide by so many different regulations, it is advisable that interested parties seek the assistance of skilled attorneys who can help ensure that the investor is in compliance with all of the applicable rules and laws.


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