HIGHLANDS RESIDENCES is an affordable luxury condo of 60 units of 2 beds  and 2 baths with amenities like pool and GYM. Designed by famous  architect Carlos Ott. With a sales price below USD 500,000 it represents  an investment opportunity to buy and rent and hold or sale once the zip  code benefits from the impact of the large mix use development.

Construction will break ground at the beginning of 2017 and will end around mid 2018.

Evaluation of Risk for EB5 Investor

This is one of a very few EB5 projects where the investor is in Senior position by providing a secured loan to the developer and generating jobs during construction of the project. The exit is in 5 years with the recovery of the capital with an option to convert into property after I829 approval and with the right to use or rent the property once is built.

Total Investment Required

USD 21,934,732

Capital Stack:

Developers Equity
USD 10,020,000

EB5 Investors Contributions
USD 7,000,000

Other source of Investments
USD 4,914,372

Other Details

Total Jobs Impact
269 adet iş imkanı İş imkanı sadece inşaat için kullanılacaktir. İşletme için iş imkanı yoktur.

Total Number of Investors
Maksimum 14

Name of New Company Enterprise
Highlands Miami EB5 LLLP ile Become American Investor LLC ortaklığı

Name of Regional Center
Florida First Regional Center LLC

Who made Job Impact Analysis
Vermillion Danışmanlık

USD 50,000


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