The first two months of 2017 show a 20% increase in visitors from abroad in comparison with last year and, in particular, a sudden and large increase in users from China, Turkey, Germany and the United Arab Emirates, as shown in the table below.

According to the study, traffic remains consistently high in countries such as Britain, America, Germany, Canada, Australia and the Balkans, but it seems that new countries are added to the prospective buyers’ audience, possibly because of the program “Golden Visa” which ensures a residency permit with the purchase of property worth more than 250.000 €.

The most impressive element however, pertains to the requests made by foreign visitors to the advertisers on our websites. Users are not only looking for properties, but move on to the next step and express interest for specific listings.

Compared with the first two months of 2016, the average increase in requests for residential properties for sale from abroad reaches an average of 125.6%, and in some areas is even greater, with the highest being in Thessaloniki and the southern suburbs of Athens.

As spring and summer season approaches, we expect an even greater average increase in the areas of touristic interest.



It’s no surprise that Greece is still one of the best overseas property destinations in the world. Greece is a naturally beautiful country, with largely unspoiled beaches; perfect Mediterranean climate, warm and friendly people and offers a relaxed lifestyle.

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