Greece Property Market Outlook 2017


 Are you looking to sell property in Greece? The property outlook for Greece in 2017 is actually better than its economic outlook. Everybody knows that the Greek economy has struggled over the last few years.

The country managed to save itself from a total economic collapse because of assistance from the European Central Bank, World Bank and the IMF, but things are by no means normal as yet.

But overseas investment has been picking up in Greece. A consortium of investors from China and the Middle East has purchased the land around the old international airport in Athens in a multi-million dollar deal. Greece has many valuable properties like that, that are ripe for the taking.

Indeed, there are several great properties for sale in Greece, which are available for a fraction of what they were worth only a few years ago. A beachfront mansion on the island of Mykonos, which was purchased by a Hollywood celebrity for $25 million in 2006, was recently sold for just $5 million.

Contrary to perception, the real estate industry is not dead in Greece. Hundreds of thousands of apartments and villas on the Greek coast have been transformed completely over the last couple of years.

It’s no surprise that Greece is still one of the best overseas property destinations in the world. Greece is a naturally beautiful country, with largely unspoiled beaches; perfect Mediterranean climate, warm and friendly people and offers a relaxed lifestyle.

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