The majority of respondents believes that prices have started to move upwards.

The next period is offered for investment, especially in permanent residence, considers the majority of respondents according to a survey of Hellenic Bank, whereas the real estate prices have started to move upwards.

Specifically, nearly six in ten consider a relatively good period over the next twelve months to buy a House/apartment, about half for buying land/field and one in three for holiday home market.

In contrast, addition of 70% believe the coming twelve months bad period for real estate sales.

In addition to half of the respondents, 54% expect that property prices will rise in the next twelve months. 22% responded that prices will remain stable and the 20% that will fall even further.

The question in what kinds of property will invest their money if they could afford, 38% rate responds to House residence, 32% in plot/land, 20% to partition and follow the property abroad, the cottage, the shop and the Office.

29% of the sample had some interest in property in the last twelve months, with greater interest in renting an apartment and buying a House.
In addition, 27% of respondents replied that it was interested in buying housing within the next year.

The Internet is emerging as the most important property search tool to purchase, with a rate of 45%, while important remain, and professionals with a rate of 42%. At the same time, 48% saying they would promote online selling a property, while 46% through agent.

Almost one in six households seek to carry out a renovation of his house. The 85% will make small renovations, while 12% on small-scale renovations. The majority of respondents will make painting, while fewer households would make furniture changes, new floors, change in decorating and in purchasing new appliances.

Source: inCyprus properties news




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