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Foreign Direct Investment To Germany


Free and Open Markets

Every year more and more companies discover Germany as a secure and rewarding investment location. Since 2010, Germany’s FDI stocks rose by ca. 20%to reach an amount of more than EUR 461 billion in 2014.

Around 60,000 foreign companies are already operating in Germany, employing almost three million people.


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European Stocks at the Top

Germany ranks fifth in the world as a recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI), according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

According to official Bundesbank (“German Central Bank”) statistics for 2014, sixty percent (or EUR 278 billion) of all FDI stocks in Germany originate from within the European Union, with a further seven percent stemming from the remaining European non-EU countries. Investments from outside the EU continue to grow.

North America accounts for 20 percent of FDI stock, while Asia holds an eleven percent share. Especially Asian countries increased their FDI stocks in Germany in recent years. Germany is the world’s largest recipient of new Chinese FDI projects.


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