Forbes: Great estate buying opportunities in Athens, Greek cities, islands, beaches


Greece’s seven-year-long economic crisis has created a plethora of apartments for sale cheap with owners pushed by taxes and empty units desperate to unload them but there are signs they might not last much longer.

That was the conclusion of a report in Forbes magazine which focused on the ocean of empty apartments in central Athens, where some streets are also a ghost town of empty storefronts and most buildings are covered with decades of grime, filth and graffiti.

The report recorded this has ironically created great opportunities to buy low in areas that because of their access to services are otherwise good locations, including in other major Greek cities, even properties with a view of ancient monuments such as the Acropolis and that there’s other great properties near beaches and on islands.

Since 2009, real estate prices have dropped with no end in sight. The Greek Home Price Index has dropped from 100 in 2009 to 59.6 in 2017. A popular asset has turned into liability even in the hottest property areas of the country. “The real estate market has been following a bad Greek economy,” Athens-based attorney, Kiriaki Perou told the magazine.

If the Greek economy recovers, the market could turn around and see prices rise again though.

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