Documents required for Property Purchase in Greece

Property purchase procedure in Greece is very simple and it takes shortest time. Nowadays it will only take you 10 working days to obtain full title of some Greek property. You might have heard that it is not quite so, and such opinion stands to reason, but it is not true anymore: before June 2011, there was a boundary regime law which required that the buyer willing to purchase property in some area close to the state border had to apply for permission from the Greek Ministry of Defense. Because of that the buyer had to collect a large package of documents and the whole transaction could take several months.

Now the procedure became much simpler, and all property purchase formalities can be finalized within 10 days. The list of documents required also became much shorter.


List of documents for registration of real estate:
– Valid international passport
– Valid visa that allows entry to Greece

List of documents for opening a bank account in Greece:
– Valid international passport
– Valid visa that allows entry to Greece
– Document confirming permanent residence (internal passport of the country of residence)
– Letter of employment confirmation (official document confirming the main professional activity of a potential buyer, the kind of which has no importance)
– Copy of the tax return (for residents of the Russian Federation, the corresponding form is NDFL – personal income tax)


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