The South China Morning Post  – SCMPor ‘The Post’ as it is known in Hong Kong – is the most reputable and influential English language newspaper in Hong Kong and even in all of South Asia. 

In an article entitled ‘Now is the time to invest in Berlin property’, it opens with:Berlin is a popular city for investors, but this year saw the German capital reach new heights when it was named the hottest tip for residential property in Europe by international consulting and auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.”

It goes on to ‘tick all the boxes’ and concludes that Berlin properties offer a higher return on investment with less risk than other European capitals, particularly when it comes to high-end luxury propertiesThe article points to the fact that for example, condominium values in Berlin have more than doubled since 2010 – an increase of nearly €1,700 per square meter – making this segment especially attractive.

The article also alludes to the fact that at the present time, fewer houses are being built, so Berlin property investors are looking to less strictly regulated alternatives such as condominiums, student residences and serviced apartments.

With rising prices in all major European cities, German real-estate in general, and Berlin in particular is regarded as a stable market with high-quality property and therefore is attracting Chinese and other international real estate investors.


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