In March this year, the US real estate market prices reached the biggest increase in three years. The supply of the continuous reduction and a serious shortage of stocks, a direct result of the US real estate market continued hot.


The Case-Shiller house price index released on Tuesday showed that the US property market rose 5.9% in various districts in the first two months of March last year . This is also the biggest increase since July 2014.The growth rate of house prices is more than twice the average hourly income of the Americans, which makes it difficult for many people to afford housing.


On the other hand, the Dow Jones index committee executive director and chairman David Bliss said: analysts believe that this year the property market pushed up the price of a factor is the housing stocks unusually low. When the price is more peaceful, many Americans will choose to sell their own houses to replace the new residence.


The stable job market has grown to many potential buyers in the US real estate market, but the market is less available, leading to a higher threshold for first-time home buyers.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the listing of listings in the past year has fallen by 9% and only 1.93 million. Housing shortages have led to a sharp rise in housing prices in many urban areas. The largest increase was in Seattle, housing prices soared 12.3%.

Oregon Portland rose 9.2%, while Dallas rose third, reaching 8.6%. Of the 20 largest cities in the index list, the lowest is New York City, as housing prices in New York are already high relative to earnings.


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