Istanbul is best choise for Arab investors


Istanbul is a land with extraordinary history and scenic beauty. Istanbul has the perfect mix of the past and modern times. It is one of the most desirable areas in Turkey for foreign investors. In recent times there has been an increased interest in Turkey by Arabs. The Arab culture is drawn to Turkey for its beauty and reasonable prices especially in comparison to Dubai. Arabs also feel more comfortable in Turkey than other foreign lands due to the fact that a majority of the population of Turkey is Muslim.


Arabs are mainly interested in purchasing the coastal areas. Istanbul is an area that is extremely desirable due to the economical opportunities.

There has been an increase of Arab tourists in Turkey which has lead to an increase in real estate purchases. The real estate market is extremely strong in Istanbul. The hotel business is also thriving and with the increase of Arab tourists there has been and increases in Arab Hotel owners in Turkey.

There are more Arab speaking hospitality employees that make it easier for Arabs to travel through out Turkey. With the increase of Arab language being spoken in Turkey real estate deals are easier to execute. It is easy to find restate agents, lawyers and architects who are fluent in the Arab language.

The Turkish culture has many similarities to that of the Arab culture. The Middle Eastern traditions are apparent throughout Turkey, there are an abundance of mosques, architecture, foods and customs. There are also many schools that are offering Arabic language courses. The Arab language has become more recognizable in Turkey.

In past years, a new law was passed making it easier for foreigners to purchase land in Turkey. This law made real estate investments from foreigners more attractive.

With the beauty and history that Istanbul has to offer, it is a one of the most desirable real estate investments. It is extremely alluring to Arabs due to the similarities in lifestyle and culture. Tourism in turkey is strong and offers numerous investment possibilities. Arabs recognizes all these assets and are investing in Real estate opportunities.


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