United States appears to be one of the best places to grow older. After all, we have some of the best hospital facilities, a high standard of living and tons of investors ready to help build a new wave of senior housing to keep our growing aging population safe.

So why does America continue to rank behind other developing countries when it comes to the overall well-being of its elderly?

It turns out quality senior housing itself is not enough to solve the problems facing today’s aging — problems including poverty and isolation, which lead to increased risk of death. Providing affordable, quality senior housing is key and it’s this kind of housing that is, sadly, in short supply.

Time to Invest Better in Senior Housing

We need to invest better in senior housing.

When it comes to helping our aging, investors have a responsibility to look beyond just making money with their senior housing investments. They need to research how the community plans to help make residents’ lives better, more meaningful, and affordable.

After all, this is an opportunity for a cultural shift in America — one where we look at our aging as people to honor, rather than a challenge to manage or an opportunity to capitalize on.

Considering a New Model

Is it time to consider a nonprofit senior housing community? Possibly.

Though the number of private-pay, upscale senior housing developments is growing — and many may offer a higher potential return — it’s important to remember many older people can’t afford those communities. So, rather than investing in “a place for Dad,” consider investing in communities that make senior housing more affordable — and less stressful — for impacted families, while still providing high-quality care and services that keep residents healthy and well.

Seting a New Standard

We have an opportunity to be a model for other nations facing similar crises in housing for their aging family members. We need to embrace it.

It’s an opportunity not just to build nice communities for our aging, but to be a model for the rest of the world for honoring those who came before us.


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