Nova Golden Visa is experts in real estate investment for golden visas

A number of European countries offer Golden Visas through investment in real estate. The Golden Visa program for Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece and Germany are the most prominent. Bulgaria and Hungary offer residency and citizenship by investment in Europe through government bonds. The growth and proliferation of investor visa programs in recent years mean our clients now have several options to consider for residency and citizenship in Europe and beyond.


In addition a number of Caribbean countries, namely, St. Kitts, Antigua, Grenada and Dominica offer citizenship through investment and a second passport providing travel access to many visa free countries. Programmes start from just $200,000 plus related costs.

Not every country and programme is the same. There are significant differences relating to investment level, family qualification, permanent residency, minimum stay, citizenship and passports. Not least of all the differing economic states and real estate investment prospects of each of the countries in question.

Our clients acquire “golden visas” for several benefits including freedom to travel, asset security, personal insurance, family education, a legacy for future generations and more. When combined with the right investment the decision can result in security and significant financial returns as well.

However, it is important to gain the right professional advice before beginning this process. Every client has different needs and objectives.  Contact us for further details on real estate investment and the golden visa programmes on offer.

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